A ten year long saga boiled down to 75 breathtaking minutes of cirkus, comedy and harrowing reality. David and Fofo have performed 400 shows with Wear it like a crown, one of Swedish Cirkus Cirkörs most successful shows. They have performed their unique ping pong act more than 2 000 times.

This is a story of blood, sweat and hotel rooms. The aging body of a cirkus performer at war against the will of staying in the game. And the passion? How does it survive when you spend all hours together?
Is a trapeze act 10 meters above ground the answer? Or an oral juggling act with balls?

David & Fofo opens at Södra Teatern on the 11th of April 2013.


Creative Producer:Josefin Lindberg

Director: Emil Jensen

Music: Sara Rumar and Henrik Ekberg

Costume and make up: Helena Andersson

Rigging: Poly Nylin

Technician, light- and videodesign: Oscar Cresso

Photo: Magnus Neideman

Graphic design and web: Sara Rumar


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