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2012.02.02 After a two week holiday enjoying our flat and friends the tour started with a week of work in Mulhouse. A small city with good boeuf tartar in the east of France. Just on the border to Switzerland and Germany. The theater, La Filature, was a gigantic 2000 seater and quite scary. But the audience seemed to like the show so we were happy.
Many of our friends came from Switzerland to meet us and see the show so that was, of course, very nice as well.
The next stop was Budapest. Fantastic city that we fell in love with straight away. The theater was Trafó and was so nice. 200 seats, fantastic audience and great staff. We hope to go back one day.
Last stop 2011 was Ljubljana in Slovenia. Also a great city and a nice theater. We had some injuries in the cast that made us rehearse a lot, so we didn´t have that much time to explore the city. But what we saw was beautiful. We also invited a person that is a big inspiration to us: Martin Strel. He really liked the show and it was a honor to have him in the audience.
After some days at home, with jogging and training on the agenda, we went to conquer the city of Göteborg. We have now done 16 shows in the theater ”Storan” and it's a beautiful space and we love the stage.
Today we have an ensemble meeting about the future. And the future looks great. See you in Göteborg or maybe on our next stop… Somewhere in Denmark.
2011.11.09 Our first stop on our 1 year tour was the wonderful city Prague. We love this beautiful town, with nice people, good food and cheap alcohol : ).
The audience were amazing! The best ever! Next stop was Södra teatern in Stockholm which is starting to feel like our second home.
Norway for 7 weeks was a challenge. Working hard and in difficult venues. Also too many kids in the audience. But Norway is beautiful. Amazing nature. We went running in the woods, in the hills and by the water. We also had the chance to visit Preikestolen. Fantastic. In Gjövik we went ice skating in the 1994 Olympic arena. Great fun.
But now we are back in Stockholm for one day before the adventures continues.
Hasta la vista baby
2011.08.20 The summer has been great. And we have not been lazy. Training daily to keep fit and to prevent injury on our one year tour with WILAC. Apart from training we also had lots of fun. Meeting friends and family. Drinking wine and having many BBQ´s on our backyard. The tour started last week with three days of rehearsals followed by two shows in a very hot theater in Bromma, Sweden. We also like to welcome our new technician Patrik. He is great! Our whole team is great! Tomorrow we will leave early to Prague and the ”Letní Letná” festival. We are very excited to show our performance there. Have a look at our tour schedule and hope to see you on the road!
2011.07.07 Its summer. Sweden is warm and Stockholm is beautiful. We have finished our tour with Cirkus Cirkör for this year. The last "Wear it like a crown" was at Grieghallen in Bergen, Norway. After that we vent to Schwerin in north Germany. There we played 2 weeks in the beautiful city theatre. Now we have one month of which we are spending completely relaxed.
In August "Wear it like a crown" starts again with a nice European tour. See you on the road perhaps.
2011.03.06 We have left Södra Teatern in Stockholm. Missing them a lot since they have been so good to us during our 9 week stay. We are now heading out on tour. During this time we are going to have access to the most gorgeous theaters in the country so we will take the chance and train and develop. We are going to shape up old ideas for new tricks and hopefully be able to present some new stuff later this year.
2010.11.17 Its soon winter and for once we are going to spend the holidays in Stockholm. Well, we are going for a small trip to Germany as well but only for the first half of December. On the 1st we leave for north Germany where we will be part of our good friend Thomas Otto´s dinnershow "Magie und menu." It will be great to work with him again. After that we go to Munich with Cirkus Cirkör. Back in Stockholm and Södra Teatern on the 27th and from then, the whole spring.
Summer and fall has been great with shows in Shanghai and in France. David has been ivited to blog on the website of his hometown Kramfors and also he is posting blogreports on the website of Cirkus Cirkör.
2010.09.06 David starts filming for second season of Cirkus Imago. A quite wonderful show about a circus and its odd and charming members.
2010.07.22 The tour is over and we are now playing in Stockholm. To be home and working in this wonderful city is great. The tour continues after the summer with some dates around Sweden but also France and Germany. In Germany we play at the Tollwood Winterfestival and that is going to be a fantastic way to spend our days leading up to the winterperiod back at Södra Teatern in Stockholm.
When we are not touring with Cirkus Cirkör we are doing some other projects. In October we are doing the show with The Nordic Chamberorchestra and Alexander Rybak and in December we are in Germany working with great friend and magician Thomas Otto in a small variety. Have a beautiful summer.
2010.05.10 We are back in Sweden and the premiere of Cirkus Cirkör´s "Wear it like a crown" is done. The press and the audience are thrilled and that makes us very happy as well. Now we are touring Sweden and are offering some really exciting dates in Stockholm this summer. Come and see us there.
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2009.12.06 Soon its a new year and with that, new adventures. We are leaving Apollo Varieté in a couple of weeks. It has been really good here with nice audience and brilliant colleagues.
In january we will be back in Sweden and the start of Cirkus Cirkörs new production "Wear it like a crown" will begin.
We are looking forward to spend a longer period in Sweden
2009.11.17 We are currently in Roncalli´s Apollo Varieté in Düsseldorf, Germany.
2009.10.15 The show in Leipzig is running well and slowly this time is coming to an end. In November we go to Apollo Varieté in Düsseldorf for 2 months of hard work.
Things are starting to clear up for the future and it seems like 2010 is filling up with projects all ready. Nothing is confirmed, but its looking to be an interesting year for us.
2009.08.30 We are currently in Leipzig working in the show "Durchgedreht" in Krystallpalast Varieté. The show is running until 09-11-01
Leipziger Volkszeitung writes "Original, strong and beautiful" about our acts and "Astonishing" we hear from Blitz Magazine.
2009.07.29 About 4500 people showed up in Stockholm when we played RÖKT on the opening of the second lap of the tour.
The tour continues until the 9th of August
2009.06.16 Première for "RÖKT" On tour summer 2009
2009.04.30 Photoshoot for Cirkus Cirkör summershow "RÖKT"
Amazing pics, coming soon!
2009.03.28 The spring and summer are looking good. Two small tours are now booked with Cirkus Cirkör and Parkteatern in and around Stockholm. There is also alot of nice training preparing for the show in Krystallpalast.
2009.03.16 During 3 dates in May we are performing together with the Nordic Chamber Orchestra. The shows will be in the north of Sweden.

2009.02.13 We did the first show at The City, Cancun, Mexico. It was great with 3000 in the audience.

2009.02.05 Contract signed with Apollo Varieté, Düsseldorf

2009.01.31 New website